Discover nature at Ceol Mor Highland lodges.

We have decided not to bring in hot tubs or allow dogs here at Ceol Mor because we really want to share our wildlife experiences with our guests. There are badgers that are so close to the lodges and also Pine Martens visiting most evenings. We also have had Pine Marten kits coming in at – watch them on YouTube here.

Red Squirrels are rare visitors too. You may hear owls hooting across the flood plains or the male deer making scream like grunts during the rut. Keeping the night time as quiet and dark is really important to us. This is our key unique selling point so you have an opportunity to enjoy these amazing things.

As well as the night time sounds, the skies are so pretty. Although it may be so dark that you cannot see your hand in front of your face, there may be loads to see in the sky. On a clear night, look at the stars because, with virtually zero light pollution, it’s possible to stare at the night time sky and work out the constellations. Venus is often seen too.

Just a short drive away it may be be possible to see the northern lights – get the AuroraWatch UK app on your phone.

The opportunity to discover nature is just amazing.

Please check out the In House Experiences page for activities we run on site.

From our Visitors