Wow, the Highlands weather is so varied. While you can experience all seasons in a day, we have lots of sunshine and in our opinion, it rains less than where we used to live in Sussex. Whatever time of year you come here, the weather will form a key part of your experience. The weather forecasts are fun here – they are often very different although the Met Office is usually good  – for the next day only!

Here’s a really brief overview by season with some of the reasons to visit us at different times.

Early Spring Daffodils
The daffodils are the first to show their faces – there are loads of wild daffodils and cultivated ones in gardens and villages. The days get longer and by mid April the daylight period is longer than southern England. You can see all seasons in spring so be prepared. Some days will be absolutely glorious with warm sun beating down. Other days will be cold and windy and snow is definitely possible in April although it’s unlikely to lay for long unless on high ground. This central area tends to be quite dry so there’s not a lot of rain – unless you’re unlucky! Lots of immigrant birds start to arrive including Osprey during April.
Hugely long days of daylight might leave you confused as to what time it is. May and June generally are regarded as the sunniest. The native heather flowers during July and August and looks fantastic across the hills and clifftops with bright pink flowers. Make sure you have protection from midges during these months. Although they generally don’t like it bright, wet or windy. Lots of stuff for tourists is fully open at this time…tea rooms, historical sites, ice cream parlours, etc.
Summer At Sandwood Bay
Autumn Shot Of Our House
Oh my word, the colours of autumn are amazing – especially as the needles on larch trees turn wonderful shades of gold and bronze. Some days will be bright and sunny even as you get closer to winter with ‘golden hours’ easily accessible for photographers. We particularly love the sun rises moving later into autumn. Check your weather forecast and venture to where the sun is. It could be east, west or central… shake up your itinerary as you go to make the best. As you get closer to Winter, some tourist attractions will start to close or operate on fewer hours – it’s easy to find places that are super quiet to enjoy the tranquility.
Winter can be tough with snow and ice hanging around for a while. However, snowy walks through the woodlands on virgin snow where you can see all the animal tracks are wonderful with often clear blue skies. It’s a different kind of paradise for sure. Be prepared for super cold days and nights. The wildlife left is hardy and due to short days you may even see more – otters on the iced rivers for example, dippers in the channels in rivers. Waterfalls and rivers freeze – incredible things to see. The winter sun rises are truly spectacular!
Winter At The Top Of The Drive