Half Day (or less)

As a result of our fabulous location, there are loads of things to see from Ceol Mor Highland Lodges. As well as examples of things you can do on a typical half day Highland itinerary, do check out the photos at the bottom of the page.

To start with, about 45 minutes’ walk away are the famous Falls of Shin. There is a viewing platform above the falls where you can watch the salmon jump in the summer. There are also scenic trails through the forest.

For a couple of hours, explore the Achness Falls – or Cassley Falls as they are also known. In spite of the cold water, the locals swim in some of the deep pools – will you be brave and join the locals in the summer? Also, walk down to the confluence of the rivers Cassley, Oykel and the Kyle of Sutherland.

Another super local option less than 5 minutes’ drive away is the starting place for the Carbisdale trails. These start with a footpath running under the railway bridge across the Kyle and then into the paths around Carbisdale Castle. There is also a fabulous burn running through the forest with waterfalls at the top. Furthermore, there is a pretty lochan and a battle site from 1650 – the Battle of Carbisdale.

Next, visit the Rosehall Trails where well managed paths run through mixed woodland and forest. There are some choice picnic spots and at the main car park is a log cabin built by the local community where you can also picnic. Walk to the top of the hills to a wind farm first and then explore the woodland and burns on the lower paths.

Not only are there awesome giant whicker red squirrels at Loch Migdale, you might actually see real red squirrels in the forest. Have a picnic on the loch shore or walk to the viewpoint at the top – because the vistas are fantastic.

We hope you take a trip to The Pier in Lairg because the food and view are brilliant. Before or after your meal have a walk around Loch Shin. The loch can be especially pretty as it often looks like a mirror.

Then, take a 45 minute drive to Portmahomack which is a pretty seaside village on the Tain peninsula. Here, you can check out the local restaurants near the harbour before going a little further to Tarbet Ness lighthouse. Besides amazing bird life, you might even catch a glimpse of dolphins across the firth in the summer.

As a result of shallow water and large sandbanks, you can see seals at Loch Fleet when the tide is low. Also, just around the corner is Littleferry where there are fabulous dunes to walk on. As this loch is also a bird sanctuary watch out for plenty of bird life.

Then, a short drive south is Dornoch beach. It is amazing for a stroll – again, with long stretching golden sands by dunes. As the beach faces east the sunrise is excellent to watch and also expect to see lots of birdlife. In fact, as the town is so pretty, make sure you have a wander.

As well as historical interest, check out Croik Church where there are great views up the glen. While Highlanders took refuge in the clearances they reportedly scratched messages in the church windows. Besides the great views, will you find the hidden waterfalls on the route?

Another great place is Golpsie. Firstly, walk up to Ben Bhraggie for amazing views across the east coast or take the short walk by Big Burn. Furthermore, there’s an excellent walk recommendation from Walk Highlands that covers both of these. Although a less direct route, try the road that runs through Rogart because you may spot wild goats there.

Finally, try Glen Loth and the Kildonan Strath where there was a gold rush in 1869. Consequently, you might find little nuggets in the burns…

Besides day trips, these half day examples cover just some of the potential things you can fit into your Highland itinerary. We would be happy to help you draft an itinerary for your stay and as a result you can have a plan all ready!

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