Parking at Ceol Mor is easy with 2 decent spaces for use by our customers and extra space required if necessary. There is also plenty of turning space.

We now have an EV charge point that our guests can use. This is a commercial 7KW unit that is on the Pod Point network. In order to see this on your app, we will need your email address to set you up. Please contact us for tariff information and to organise when to use the unit so we can also charge our own EV.

The drive to the parking area is a sloped down a tree lined curve to our main property. Drive down super slowly to keep our guests and their children safe. The ground is a little uneven with large areas covered in small stones – this is perfect for our winters as the ice settles in the gaps in the stones. Once parked, there is about a 50m walk down to the lodges.

If booking for winter, and you are concerned about snow, parking at Ceol Mor should still be easy. If you’re worried, don’t hesitate to contact us directly with any questions. When it’s super icy, we recommend using something over your boots like strap on crampons if icy. The snow belt is generally further south than us and it often doesn’t last very long in our protected spot. It can be very icy in the winter though – and good footwear is essential. It’s worth checking out our page on what the weather is like so you can be prepared – especially in the winter.

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